You've sent the form to your crew and the call time is growing closer. You want to know who has filled out their form and is qualified to come to set, and who, if anyone, needs to stay home. Here's how to do that.

Method : Apply a Filter on the "All" Tab

This method is best when:

  • speed is important - this is a fast way to get a quick look at someone's status

  • you don't need to save any data

1) On the People tab, click on the "Filter" button and select "Filter by Form fields."

2) Click on the drop down menu and choose one of the questions that appears on your COVID-19 Form

  • You only need to choose one question because they are all required questions (someone cannot answer one and not the others).

  • You may need to scroll for a bit to find the correct field/question - this list includes all the fields across your entire project.

  • Filled in - choose this to see who has COMPLETED their form

  • Requested - choose this to see who has received the form but not filled it

  • Empty - choose this to see who has NOT completed their form

3) Click on "Done" to see the results

You can repeat step 2 to see the results for "Requested" and "Empty".

4) If you'd like to export this list, you click on Reports > Custom report.

  • Make sure you've selected everyone by clicking on the check box to the left of "Job Title"

  • You can then follow steps in this article to create a custom report with an extract of your data.

Tips for Best Results

  • The COVID-19 questions are programmed to empty as soon as you send a new COVID-19 form. For best results, we recommend you send the form to your crew the night before they need to be on set, then apply this filter in the morning to check who still needs to fill in their form. The gif below shows the process:

Congratulations! Now you know who has and has not filled out their form for the day! 😄

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