With SetKeeper DHR, no more back and forth between multiple apps, no more sending a link through a platform and then collecting the data on another one...

You're a pro when it comes to using Distribution, sending messages, creating templates and editing groups with ease.

But there's one major production headache: managing COVID on set. Maybe you've been sending a questionnaire using another software to gather information from your crew - do they feel ill? Have they been traveling recently?

But you need analysis. You need action and reminders and alerts. That's where SetKeeper's DHR feature will save the day!

Gain speed!

  • Use one single dashboard for sending health questionnaires and recipient management!

Manage the entire process within SetKeeper

  • For each contact, see in one module the questionnaires distributed and documents sent.

  • Check who raised an alert or who hasn't completed their questionnaire

  • Track who is fit to work using the Set Pass feature

  • Export a report with all questionnaire's answers anytime you want

Take advantage of the distribution groups you already use

  • Use the same distribution groups and save time when sending out the health questionnaires and documents.

Interested to try? Contact us at support@setkeeper.com and you can start your trial period asap! 🚀

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