Now that your project has been created and your contacts have been imported and organized into perfect lists, why not give our digital onboarding features a try? Here are 3 ways Distribution + Digital Crew Onboarding can elevate your production:

Enhance security: confirm your new hires are authorized to receive their copy of the script

Keeping track of who has signed their NDA and who hasn't can be frustrating in the early stages of a production. SetKeeper makes it easy for you to see at a glance if someone has signed their NDA and if they've already received their script. Learn how to send documents to sign through SetKeeper here.

Speed: take advantage of the departments and distro groups you already use to easily onboard your crew

If you want to send the start forms and deal memos to everyone in your Grip department, simply choose the Grip department, select the correct forms, and send! You can read more about the mapping process here.

Ease of use: keep all your information in one place - no more jumping between tabs, apps, and windows!

No one likes jumping between a spreadsheet, your inbox, the browser...the more windows and tabs open, the greater the headache. Using SetKeeper to consolidate all your onboarding and distribution information helps keep your desktop - and brain - more tidy.

If you're interested in adding these features to your project during your trial, later in your subscription, or for your next project, please contact

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