1) From Distribution, click on the "New Folder" button to create...a new folder.

2) Once you've created your folders, click on the folder's name to access it.

3) There are two ways to import files: "Import" or drag and drop.

Option 1) use the "Import" button to find the files on your computer, somewhere else in SetKeeper, Google, Dropbox, or Box.

Note: You can't import whole folders into SetKeeper and you can't delete non-empty folders

Option 2) Drag and drop your files into SetKeeper

TIP: Make sure you wait until the area turns grey before you release the document; otherwise, it will just open the document in the browser instead.

You can also import files to the Documents Library and organize them into folders from there.

1.1) After you import your document (see #3 above), click the box on the left of the file name, then click "Move Documents"

2.1) Choose your desired folder and click "Select". Your file will now be in the chosen folder.

Congratulations! You're now an expert at importing files and creating folders 👌 !

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