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News from the SetKeeper Product team

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Solutions to common issues

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Distribution: Watermarking, Distribution and Text Messaging

Learn how to manage your files, recipients, and share your documents

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Project Users & Access Rights

Learn about managing users and user rights

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Account & Crew Personal Space

Password help, deleting your account, and more!

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Script & Sides

Learn how to get more out of your sides

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Knowledge Base

How-to and best practice ideas for our Knowledge Base feature

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COVID-19 Daily Health Reporting

How to make the most out of our Daily Health Reporting feature

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Digital Crew Onboarding

Here you'll find everything about Paperwork and Mapping

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Crew Member Resources

Did you receive a message from your production office via SetKeeper? Here's what you need to know.

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Creative Communication Hub

Learn how to share pictures and videos, create casting and location sheets

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Wrapping Up

How to prepare for the end of your show with SetKeeper

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Data Protection and Privacy

Rigorous security and privacy to protect your most sensitive data. Here's everything you need to know

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Learn how to subscribe to the planning and create events

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Production Documents

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