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Updates & New Features

News from the SetKeeper Product team


Solutions to common issues

Distribution: Watermarking, Distribution and Text Messaging

Learn how to manage your files, recipients, and share your documents

Project Users & Access Rights

Learn about managing users and user rights

Account & Crew Personal Space

Password help, deleting your account, and more!

Script & Sides

Learn how to get more out of your sides

Knowledge Base

How-to and best practice ideas for our Knowledge Base feature

COVID-19 Daily Health Reporting

How to make the most out of our Daily Health Reporting feature

Digital Crew Onboarding

Here you'll find everything about Paperwork and Mapping

Crew Member Resources

Did you receive a message from your production office via SetKeeper? Here's what you need to know.

Creative Communication Hub

Learn how to share pictures and videos, create casting and location sheets

Wrapping Up

How to prepare for the end of your show with SetKeeper

Data Protection and Privacy

Rigorous security and privacy to protect your most sensitive data. Here's everything you need to know


Learn how to subscribe to the planning and create events

Production Documents