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How do I import my script?
How do I import my script?

Importing feature films and TV episodes

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1) Go to the Script module

2) If you are working on an episodic series, click on "New Episode". Otherwise, go to step 3

Add the episode title and click "Create."

Click on the episode's folder. You'll know there is no script added because there is no grey text below the episode name.

3) Importing your script 

Click on "Import Script."

Import Options:

  • Drag and drop the file into the grey box

  • Click "Browse" to upload the file from your computer

  • Click "Google" to import from Google Drive

  • ⚠️ Remember to only choose PDF or Final Draft files ⚠️

  • Once it's imported, click "Continue."

4) Finalizing your script import 

Check that your scenes, set & characters have been recognized before clicking "Import."

HINT: Check that the last scene number on your script is the same as the number of scenes detected on this page. That way you'll know it was imported correctly!

Your script has been imported!

Your script is now in SetKeeper and your sides are ready to be made 👍

Happy Filming! 🎞️

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