How do I export my recipients/contacts? Creating a custom report

Here we'll show you how you can create a custom report, export your contacts into an Excel, VCF or CSV file, and save it on your computer.

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1) Go to the People tab and select the people you want.

You can select individuals one by one or select everyone by clicking the box to the left of "Job Title":

You can also filter by groups and departments using the "Add Filter" button next to the search bar.

2) Once you've made your selection, click "Reports", then "Custom Report."

3) Confirm your contacts and select your format: Excel, VCF or CSV

4) Choose which fields you would like to appear in your custom report

If your project has many fields, it may take a while for the selection to register. Patience is key!

Note: there is currently no "search" feature for fields. However, you can press Control + F to open the search function in your browser and search for the name of the field that way.

5) Click on "Create Report". A download box will open in your browser with your new report!Β 

You now have successfully exported your recipients! 😁

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