You might want to merge your call sheet and your sides into one file. We'll show you how!

PLEASE NOTE: you can only merge PDF files. If you have any non-PDF documents, you can convert them to PDF, upload them to SetKeeper, and merge them with your other files.

1) From the Distribution module, on the Documents tab, select your files.

Your files do not have to be from the same folder. You can select PDFs from multiple folders and keep track of how many you chose by looking at the "# selected" box.

2) Click on More > Merge PDF Documents

3) Click and hold the six dots next to the file name to rearrange the order of the files

Once you're done, click Continue.

4) Give your merged file a name, then click Save

Your new file will appear alphabetically in the main list of your Documents tab in Distribution.


You now have a whole new file in your Documents library! 😁

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