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How to edit terms (from the Crew or the Production's side)
How to edit terms (from the Crew or the Production's side)

From fixing mistakes to making adjustments, here's everything you need to change Deal Memo terms or info collected in SetKeeper

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No matter how careful we are, we all make mistakes. If a crew member tells you they made a mistake with their Deal Memo, there's no need to send a brand new one. Even after you've sent an Offer and the crew member has accepted or rejected all the fields, you can adjust the Deal Memo on the crew members' profile. We'll show you how below.

1) Open the crew members' profile page

From the "All" tab, search for or scroll down to the crew member, then click on their name to access their profile page.

2) Click on the corresponding information

  • If you're editing a Form to fill in, click on "Forms"

  • If you're editing an Offer, click on "Contract". In this example, we're editing an Offer

3) Click on the pencil to edit the form

4) Select the correct form

You may have multiple Offers or Forms to fill in on your project. You can adjust which form you're editing by selecting a form from the drop down menu in the opposite corner from the pencil.

5) Find the field you need to adjust

You can click on each section heading to expand it and see all of the questions in each section.

Information that has been filled out and/or approved by the crew member will have a green check mark next to it:

Information that has been adjusted and needs to be re-approved by the crew member will have an hourglass next to the section header.

Don't forget to "Turn off" the pencil to save your changes!


Congratulations! Now you know how to edit Forms to fill in and Deal Memos! ๐Ÿ’ช

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