How can I edit my forms?

You can now change the order of the fields on your forms!

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All your files are mapped, but you're getting some feedback that the order is confusing. Now you can change the order yourself on the Configure page in People! This will change the order that the questions appear on the form for the crew member to fill out.

Read more to learn how!

NOTE: Right now it's only possible to edit Forms (only files that are classified as a Form to Fill In). In the future we hope to make this feature available for Offer documents.

1) Once your forms have been mapped by SetKeeper, they'll be stored in "Configure" in the Paperwork module. Click on "Configure" to start the editing process.

2) Click on the form you want to edit. You'll be able to drag and drop the fields to change their order.

3) You can also change the order of the sections. Click on the down arrow next to "Section 1 of __" to change the order.

4) You can adjust the title and description of each section by clicking the three dots on the far right of the section title.

5) Check the field type listed in blue on the right hand side.

This will help you understand why your form works the way it does. If you're trying to type text into the "Agency phone number" field, for example, it won't accept the text because the field is programmed to only accept numbers.

6) If you want to add a description, click the three dots and "Add a description."

This is useful if you want to add some clarifying information, like "Please fill only if you are working during pre-prep."

7) For COVID-19 forms, you can add a COVID supervisor.

Scroll to the top, click "Edit", search for your COVID supervisor, then click "Save."

NOTE: you can only list one COVID supervisor. Multiple supervisors are not supported at this time.

They will be listed as the contact person on the Set Pass email, no matter who sends out the form.

If you have any other questions about the content or field type of your questions, you can contact to make any necessary changes.


Congratulations! Now you know how to edit your forms in SetKeeper! ๐Ÿ’ช

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