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How to use eSigning to distribute NDAs and keep your script safe
How to use eSigning to distribute NDAs and keep your script safe

How to use SetKeeper tools to keep your script under wraps!

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It's every production manager's worst nightmare - confidential information about the script is leaked!

SetKeeper makes it easy to prevent such disasters by distributing, tracking, and collecting all your NDAs. As soon as you hire someone, you can send them their NDA and get confirmation that they've signed it before you send them their script. We'll show you how below.

After your NDA has been mapped by the SetKeeper team, it's ready to distribute.

You can put all your new hires into a distro group or department and send the file to everyone at once:

You can track who has completed the NDA by applying a filter to the All page to show just the people from your New Hire group:

You can also send a reminder message for anyone who needs a gentle push:

Once the crew member has finished signing the document, you can download it from the Generated Documents tab on their profile page:

The signature and date will appear within the body of the document

And the document will have an "audit trail" on the second page showing when the document was accessed, who sent it, and when it was signed:

You'll always have access to the signed PDF version by accessing the crew member's profile page, but you may prefer to download all the signed NDAs and store them in a file in Distribution.

NB: When downloading the signed documents, if you send more than 1, they will be combined to ensure the signature is legally binding

And there you have it! It's never been easier to distribute, track, and collect your NDAs. Once you've collected all your NDAs, you can distribute your script with confidence. ๐Ÿ’ช

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