Why is my mapped document not working?

Noticed a bug in your mapped document ? This article is for you.

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Mapping a document can be tricky : this article will help you better understand mapping.

We do the best we can, but everyone can make mistakes from time to time πŸ˜‰

Word files - got a big red error message when generating your Word file?

  • You edited the document after it has been mapped (that way you may have modified the formatting we put and the mapping doesn't work anymore)

    • Solution: Clear formatting on the tags you modified or send us the file back

  • When mapping, the tags (where the information from the form will take place on the document) are not well formatted:

    - a space is missing
    - the tag isn't closed properly (a symbol ] (for signatures and dates) or } is missing for SetKeeper tags). This can explain why a field is visible after generating the document. For SetKeeper tags, it should look like this {{core.melusyn.person.iamatag}} and for signatures [sig|req|signer0] (note that this one may be hidden because the font is in white)

    • Solution: Add spaces before or after the tags and make sure to close them, reimport the file into "Configure" > "Document Generation Templates" and click on the Preview button to check if it's working. (Note: you may have to go through this step several times)

Excel files - The formulas are not working, the currency symbol is not showing or you keep having #VALUE instead of your data?

  • Formulas not working : This could be because the formula is not well written, or because the type field for the cell is not the right one

    • Solution: Contact support, Sid or Emily will be able to help you!

  • Currency symbol not working : The cell's format may not be the right one or the type field is not the right one

    • Solution : Change the cell's format to date, currency, genral (whatever you need) or contact support

  • Keep having #VALUE instead of your data : Double check the formula and the cell's format. You can also check if the tag is closed (if you have {{core.melusyn.etc}} )

PDF files - The info is not where it should be, the checkboxes are not ticked?

  • The info is not at the right place

    • Solution: Contact support

  • Checkboxes are not ticked: The value entered as a tickable answer might not be the right one or there might be a typo

    • Solution: Contact support


  • I want to remove some terms on my contracts, should I ask support?

    • Not necessarily, on a word file you'll be able to open the mapped file and delete the paragraphs you want, provided it does not contain any SetKeeper tags.

  • I want to change something on my PDF but I don't have an Adobe licence, what should I do?

    • Contact Support, we'll be able to change your file

  • I just received my mapped file, should I ask Support to import it into my project?

    • No, you'll be able to do it yourself by going into "Configure" > "Document Generation Templates"

  • I want to change the type field of one of my fields, how can I do that?

    • Contact Support

Hope this article helped you better understand the bugs on your files! 😊

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