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How to request a Project Archive
How to request a Project Archive

How to request a project archive to save all of your data from SetKeeper

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Congratulations - you're about to finish another production! Before you head to the wrap party, consider purchasing Premium Support so that SetKeeper can archive your project data thoroughly, quickly and easily.

Premium Support

First, get in touch with to discuss pricing options and to add Premium Support to your subscription.

Next, invite the correct Customer Success specialist to your project as a Project User. We'll let you know who to add! You can learn how to do that here.

Once SetKeeper has been added as a user to the project, we can begin the archiving process for you! The archive should be ready within 30 days after SetKeeper is added to the project.

What's Included in the Archive

  • All Generated Documents (contracts, deal memos, start forms, etc)

  • All form attachments (documents crew members uploaded, like copies of passports, kit lists, etc)

  • All files uploaded to the Documents Library in the Distribution module

What's NOT Included in the Archive

  • Messages sent from SetKeeper

  • Scripts uploaded to the Script module. If you uploaded the scripts to the Documents Library, they will be included in the archive.

Congratulations on finishing your project and enjoy your Project Archive! ๐Ÿ’ช

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