Can I change the sender number that appears in the text messages?

It's not currently possible to add a name or change the numbers that appear in the "Sender" field on text messages sent from SetKeeper.

However, If you send a Message to a number with the same country code as your project's country code (in other words, a UK based project sends a message to a UK phone number) the sender number will display as the phone number assigned to your project.

If you send a message to a different country code (a UK based project sends a message to a French phone number), our provider reroutes the message to another phone number, which will display as a short series of numbers instead of a full phone number.

Why do you I need to provide additional information before I can create a phone number for my project?

Depending on the country where your project is based, you may need to provide additional documentation to establish a phone number. This is based on local laws and regulations. Luckily, the information is similar to what you would provide during the invoicing process.

I need to send an urgent message to the crew but I don't have enough credits! What can I do?

In this case, go ahead and send the message - your text should still go out as scheduled. Then contact to discuss adding more credits as soon as possible.

Curious about the technical aspects of text messaging? This article will give you more information about why the character limits exist, how the messages are split when they go over the character limit, and more.

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