If you're working on an article and you're not ready to share it with the crew, keep it on Draft mode. It will be visible to you but invisible to the crew.

Once you're ready to share with the crew, click on the toggle to turn it green and move it to Published. The article will now be visible to the crew.

Parent Articles

Keep in mind that you can only publish an article if its parent article has been published. In the image below, you'll see the "Knowledge Base Start Guide" has a pink dot, and all the articles nested underneath it have grey dots. Since "Knowledge Base Start Guide" is the parent article and is unpublished, all the articles below it cannot be published.

Once you change "Knowledge Base Start Guide" to published, the pink dot disappears and all the articles beneath it now have pink dots. One way to remember the difference is that pink = possible to publish.

PRO TIP: keep the Knowledge Base Start Guide articles in Draft mode so you can refer to them later!

Move them to a new section so you can refer to them later if you need. But don't worry - all these articles are also available in our help center here [ADD LINK LATER].

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