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How to format your articles in Knowledge Base
How to format your articles in Knowledge Base

The possibilities aren't endless, but they are useful!

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Linking Articles

To get the most out of Knowledge Base, it's useful to link articles to each other. Click on "Link an Article", then the title of your desired article to add the link to another page of your wiki. Make sure the article you're linking is published!

The links look like this:

You can also add links to external web sources by highlighting the text, then clicking the link icon. Links look like this.

Uploading Documents

You can upload files directly by clicking Insert > Document, then finding the document on your computer. The crew member will have the chance to download the document. This can be useful if you have policy documents sent by the studio that you want to keep within your wiki and distribute to your crew.

Adding Images

You can add images from Insert > Image to upload it from your desktop, or you can copy and paste it into the article. PLEASE NOTE: it is not currently possible to resize an image within an article. Please ensure the image is an appropriate size before uploading it to the article.

Formatting Options

To add color, highlight the text with your mouse, then choose either to add a highlight or to change the color of the text itself:

You can italicize, create bold text, or underline using keyboard controls, or by highlighting the text to access the text format menu (see above):

Control (or Command) + B = Bold

Control (or Command) + I = Italics

Control (or Command) + U = Underline

To add a table, click on Insert > Table. Hover over the three grey dots on the top and left hand side of the rows and columns to add, remove, or delete rows/columns.


First Contact

Second Contact




Line Producer

File paperwork X, Y and Z

To change the heading size, click on Format in the top right corner.

You can add a quote by clicking on the " icon. It creates the light grey bar on the left side of a line and indents it slightly.

Of course, it wouldn't be the internet without emojis! 🎬❤️😎 Click the emoji icon to access the list and add them to your articles.

You can also add emoji icons to your article titles in the hierarchy! Click on the document icon next to the title of the article and choose the emoji that best represents the contents:


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