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Creating Articles

To create an article, simply click on Create an Article. It will automatically nest under the last article you had open. You can then move it to the spot where you want it to be nested.

Visible vs. Invisible Articles for your crew

Although you can see everything in the left hand column while you are creating and writing articles, your crew members will only be able to see the published articles. See [ADD LINK HERE] for more information about making articles visible or invisible to your crew.

Organizing Articles

It's easy to organize your articles - just click, hold, and drag the name of an article you'd like to move to a new location. You can nest, unnest, or move articles to new locations.

If you're trying to nest an existing article underneath a new one, make sure you create a new article by clicking the plus button next to the article name to create a new layer underneath the article. Then you can move the existing article into this new sub category.

Please note that any articles nested underneath an article you're moving will move with it. If you want to move one article at a time, you have to unnest the articles underneath it, then move it.

Deleting and Restoring Articles

Deleting Articles

To delete an article, click on More > Move to Trash. This will remove the article from your active list and into the Trash folder.

Once articles have been moved to the Trash folder, you will not be able to edit the contents.

You will not see a Trash folder unless you have items there. Click on the down arrow to open the Trash folder and see the discarded articles.

To permanently delete an article from Trash, click on the article in the Trash folder, then click on

Please note that any articles nested underneath the deleted article will also be deleted. If you want to save those articles, unnest them before you delete the parent article (see above).

Restoring Articles

To move an article back to the list of active articles, click on the article in Trash, then click on Put Back. It will return to its original position in the hierarchy where you can move it to a new location an edit its contents.

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