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How to send and share articles from Knowledge Base with your crew
How to send and share articles from Knowledge Base with your crew
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There are a few ways you can share the contents of your Knowledge Base with your crew.

Crew Personal Space (CPS)

The simplest way to share articles is via Crew Personal Space. Crew Personal Space is available to any crew member working on your project and does not give them access to the project as a whole. Rather, it gives them access to their own space related to the project where they can access their messages and all published Knowledge Base articles for your project.

They will have to create a login in order to access their CPS. Luckily, the first time you send them an article from the Knowledge Base, they'll be prompted to create an account. You can read more about that process here.

Once they have create a CPS and logged into their account, they'll be able to see all the published articles you've created in your Knowledge Base. In the example below, the crew member is in their personal space for the project Jurassic Highway.

Best of all, there's nothing you have to do - if you publish a new article, they can come to their CPS and see it at any time.

Sharing an Article via Email

However, it's easiest to email your crew whenever you have a new article in the Knowledge Base you need to read right away.

To share an article, simply click on "Share this Article" in the top right corner of the page and compose your email like a regular SetKeeper email [add link here once the article is written]. Don't forget to publish the article first!

Sharing an Article via PDF export

If a crew member doesn't want to sign up for crew personal space, you can click on More > Export as PDF to create a PDF version of any of your articles.

Unfortunately, images do not transfer over, and the formatting changes slightly from the article on the website to the article in the PDF, but we are working to improve this export function so that it looks identical to the version they'd receive in their crew personal space.

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