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How do I create a Call Sheet?
How do I create a Call Sheet?

Here we'll show you how you can create call sheets on SetKeeper

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1) Go to Production Documents on the left side menu and click on "Call Sheets" at the top

2) Click on "Create your first Call Sheet" and select a layout.

  • If you've created a Strip Board beforehand, go to 3)a.

  • If you are starting from scratch, go to 3)b.

3) a. Select the shoot day, give it a title, and, click on "Create"

  • Now your Call Sheet should look like this

  • You can now fill your call sheet with Locations, Crew List, Extras and add other blocks as well

3)b. Select the shoot day, give it a title, and click on "Create"

  • Your call sheet will look slightly different than the one in 3)a. as no scenes were imported. You can still add blocks, crew list, talents and locations

4) Preview your call sheet and/or export it as a PDF

5) Set your call sheet from DRAFT to APPROVED

6) You can now send your call sheet to your recipients

  • Click on "WATERMARK & DISTRIBUTE" to create a PDF of your call sheet and send it to the crew members on your call sheet

  • After your call sheet has been exported as a PDF, click on "SEND MESSAGE"

  • Your call sheet is now attached to your email and ready to be sent!

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