#1 Go into the Script section - if you are working on a series, open your Episode's folder 

#2 Select your scenes to create your sides (If you need to select scenes from multiple episodes go to the cross-board section)

  • Select your scenes by ticking the boxes
  • Click on EXPORT SIDES

#3 Organize scene order

  • Scenes can be reordered in shoot order by drag & dropping them 
  • Click on CONTINUE

#4 Choose options for your sides :

  • Change the name of your file
  • Cross-out, cross-out & gray-out, or hide unselected scenes (if your script is set to have 1 scene per page these options do not matter)
  • Keep or remove revision colors (colored pages will be blank if you remove revision colors)
  • Add a header to your file 
  • Click on CONTINUE

#5 Choose your export type :

Option 1 - Download your file to your desktop: this way you can print it right away

  • Click on CONTINUE
  • Select the layout option you want : 
  • Download your sides!

Option 2 - Watermark and download it to your desktop: if you need to watermark them as you go

Option 3 - Export to Production Files : if you need to store them on SetKeeper or want to Watermark and Distribute them later

If you choose to Export to Production Files, you can directly see where your sides have been stored :

Congratulations! You've just made your sides 👍

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