1) In Distribution, select the files you wish to watermark & distribute and click on "Distribute Documents"

2) Select how you would like your files to be sent

  • Attachment : Your file will be sent as an attachment 

  • Personal link : Recipients will have to click on a link to see the file

  • Closed loop : Recipients require a User account on SetKeeper to be able to see the file.

  • You can learn more about access and security options for files sent from SetKeeper here.

3) Add your recipients

 You can scroll through the list and click on individual names, or begin typing the name of a person or group to bring them to the top.

4) Attach other files from your computer or your SetKeeper project

Click on the paperclip to add more files to your message.

The green document icon (circled in green below) means that the file will automatically be watermarked with the recipients names. (Don't worry - if you've chosen a group as one of your recipients, it will not be watermarked with "Accounting"). Clicking on the icon will turn it grey (circled in red below) and the file will NOT be watermarked.

4.5) Optional: Add a custom watermark

If you'd like to add a custom watermark (all recipients will receive the document with the same watermark), click on "Security", then "Custom Watermark." You can also adjust the color and transparency.

5) Write a subject and body for your message

You can use the First Name and Last Name buttons to automatically add the recipient's name to the body of the email for a more personal touch.

6) Click on "Preview"

Here you can double-check the content of your message

6.5) Optional: Send yourself a test message

Before you send an important message to many recipients, you can send yourself a test message by clicking on the grey envelope next to "Send." This will allow you to see how the message will look to a recipient.

7) Click on SEND 

After you click "Send", you'll be asked if you'd like a delivery summary sent to your inbox. This email will be a summary of the message analytics page. You can also schedule send your message by clicking on the clock icon next to the "send" button.

Here's an example of the summary email:

8) Check out the Analytics' page of your message

You'll be able to see:

  • the content of your message

  • the status of your message: you can see if your message has been sent, delivered, or opened

  • the list of recipients: you can see to whom you sent your message, if they received the message, and if they opened or downloaded any attachments.

You can always access this page for a specific message from the "Messages" tab of Distribution.

And there you go! You've sent out watermarked files to your crew 👍

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