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How do I create sides? (from single and multiple scripts)d
How do I create sides? (from single and multiple scripts)d

How to create sides and use the Cross-board feature

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1) Click on the Script module

For TV series, open your Episode's folder or click on Cross-board.

2) Select your scenes to create your sides

Select your scenes by ticking the boxes...

Or by searching for scene numbers, characters or sets in the search bar. Click here to learn more about making sides based on characters or sets.

2.5) Making sides from multiple scripts/episodes:

If you want to make sides from multiple scripts, click on Cross-board. An "Episode Name" column will appear and help you organize the scenes according to episode. Just follow the process described above to choose your scenes.


3) Organize scene order

You can drag and drop the scenes to organize them in shoot order


4) Choose options for your sides :

  • Change the name of your file (Day 15, Second Unit, etc.)

  • Cross-out, cross-out & gray-out, or hide unselected scenes (NOTE: if your script is formatted to have 1 scene per page these options do not matter; your sides will remain 1 scene per page)

  • Keep or remove revision colors (colored pages will be white if you remove revision colors)

  • Add a header to your file 


5) Choose your export type :

Option 1 - Download your file to your desktop. Use this option if you need to print the sides right away.


Select the layout option you want : 

Download your sides!

Option 2 - Watermark and download it to your desktop: if you need to print or save a watermarked version.

Option 3 - Export to the Document Library : if you need to store them on SetKeeper or want to Watermark and Distribute them later

Click here to learn about the distribution options for sending your sides to the crew!

If you choose to Export to Document Library, you can instantly see where your sides are stored by clicking on "Go to Folder", or you can start a message right away

Congratulations! You've just made your sides 👍

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