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How to watermark and download or print script sides
How to watermark and download or print script sides

Here we'll show you how to watermark your sides or script and download them to your desktop or print them right away

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1) Choose your sides from Distribution and click on More > Watermark and download documents

If you need to create your sides first, follow steps 1 through 5 of this article on creating script sides. On step 5, select "Watermark and download to desktop", then come back to this article.

2) Customize your watermark (if you'd like):

  • Change the color and adjust the transparency

  • Insert a custom watermark ("Confidential" or any other word or phrase you'd like)

  • Add a second line under the watermark (if you need it)

If you use the default watermark, then each document will be watermarked with your "recipients" names, even though you will not be sending anything to anyone. Instead, you will choose the individuals whose names you want to appear on the files.

3) Choose your layout options

There are two file formats, Single combined PDF and Per recipient PDF files into one folder and three layout options, One page per sheet, Two pages per sheet, or Same page twice per sheet.

Note: if you chose "Custom Watermark", the File format options ("Single combined PDF" or "Per recipient PDF files into one folder") will not change the document. You can still choose the page arrangement that suits your needs.

Single combined PDF : All your sides will combine into a single document.

Per recipient PDF files into one folder : This will create a zip file that contains the watermarked documents, divided into a separate file for each recipient. This is useful if you want to be able to send the document to the recipients individually later.

Page arrangement : One page, two pages or same page twice, according to your needs. Two pages is useful for saving paper, but the overall text will be smaller.

4) If you did not choose a custom watermark, add in your "recipients"ย 

You can add individuals or entire groups or departments. They're called "recipients" but the document will not be sent to anyone. This will just apply the names of the selected people onto the documents.

5) Click "Download" or "Print" and enjoy your new watermarked document!

Congratulations! Now you know how to watermark and download documents from SetKeeper! ๐Ÿ‘

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