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How do I change my project users' access rights?
How do I change my project users' access rights?

Here we'll show you how you can manage the access rights of your project's users

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You've added your users but want to change their access rights? Read on to learn how.

If you'd like to change just one person's access rights, you can use this method. If you'd like to adjust them all at once, you can use this method.

Individual User from the People Page

1) Go to the People page and click on the name of the Project User you'd like to edit.

2) Click on Permissions at the bottom of the options menu on the left

3) Select the new permissions, then click Save

You can double check what the access rights mean in the panel on the right.

Multiple Users from the Project User Page

1) Go to Project Users, then User Rights

2) Click on Edit

3) Choose the module/department, slide the icon along the bar to change the permissions, then click Save

Learn more about the different levels of access rights by clicking here

You can read more about project user tasks below:

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