How do I add new contacts to my project?

Here we'll show you how you can add people into your project

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You can add recipients one at a time and import them from a contact list. We'll show you both methods here.

Recipients is our word for "contact". These will be people who will receive information from your project and are usually your crew members. If you're trying to add a new project user (that is, someone who will have a SetKeeper login so they can send things from the project), please see this article.

1) From the People module, click on New Contact in the top right corner of the page.

2) To add a single new recipient:

Fill in the information and click "Continue."

You can add them to groups at this stage, or organize them into groups later.

Once you click create, they'll be part of your recipients list!

3) To add many recipients at once: use "Import"

You can import Excel, CSV or vCard files of your contact list into SetKeeper by clicking on the "Import" button.

You can drag and drop your files into the grey box (see below), or use the purple "Browse" button to locate your file on your computer.

If you're using an Excel file, you'll have to use our template to format your file for our system. You can access the template by clicking the "Download" button in this window:

Copy your data into the template.

Save your template, then go back to "Import" and select your file.

Import Phone Numbers

You can then make sure that each column corresponds to the right information, then use our smart phone number importer to quickly add the right country code to your contacts' phone numbers; useful for getting set up to use Text Messaging! And to change your project's associated country code, you can simply go in your Project Settings.

Finally, add your new contacts to the groups of your choosing, and click "Import"

Your recipients have been successfully added into your recipients list πŸ‘Œ!

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