How to send a text message

Sending texts to your crew is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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It's easy to send text updates to your crew through the SetKeeper platform! If you're familiar with our email distribution features, you're in luck - it's virtually the same process! Read below to learn more.

NOTE: if you have questions about how we calculate text message credits, please read this article.


1) Create a phone number for your project

The SetKeeper Support team will do this for you. Depending on the regulations in your country, we may ask for some documentation in order to create the phone number.

2) Make sure all your contacts in SetKeeper have a valid phone number

If you need to add some numbers, see step 4 in this article.

3) In the Setkeeper platform, go to Distribution > Messages

4) Click on "New Text Message"

5) Choose your recipients

6) Optional: Choose your documents.

Click on "Pick Documents" and choose a document from your desktop or the Documents Library. Then choose to keep or remove the watermark.

Your text message will contain a link they tap on to access the document.

7) Compose your message

Your message can contain up to 1,600 characters, including the characters in the link.

The message will be split into 160 character units known as credits. If you go over 160 characters, you'll use two credits. Each contact also counts as a credit. For example, a 2 credit sized message sent to 100 contacts would use 200 total credits.

You can find more information about how characters and credits are calculated in this article.

πŸ’‘ Pro tips: Messaging Segment Calculator

We recommend that you check any mass messages in this Message Segment calculator before you send them out. It will flag any UCS-2 characters to avoid you being double-charged for messages.

8) When you're finished composing the message, click on "Preview"

If you've added a document, the button will be called "Preview & Security".

9) On the preview screen, review the message contents and the number of credits you'll use.

If your message contains a document, you'll see these boxes that allow you to pick which security option you want to apply to this file. To add an expiration date or to enable PDF download prevention, click on Advanced Security.

Scroll to the bottom to review the message and check how many credits your message will use and how many you'll have left in your account after you send it.

10) Click "Schedule" to send later, or "Send Now" to send immediately

11) Choose whether or not to receive a delivery summary

If you choose this option, you'll receive a summary email that contains statistics on who has opened the message, who has downloaded the documents, etc.

You can always view these statistics within the SetKeeper platform, but the delivery summary email can be convenient for some users.


What happens if I send a text message to someone without a phone number?

The message will be converted to an email and sent to the email address listed for that contact.

I need to add more credits to my project! How do I do that?

Contact and we'll discuss how to add more credits to your project!

Can I change the sender number that appears in the text message?

At this time, it's not possible to change the sender number.

More questions? Check our our dedicated Text Messaging FAQ article here, or our more detailed technical article about text messaging limits here.

Congratulations! Now you can send text messages to your crew! πŸ“±

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