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How do I create a file with Covid-19 reporting data ? (Report Method)
How do I create a file with Covid-19 reporting data ? (Report Method)

How to create a custom report template to save and view COVID-19 reporting data

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You've sent the form to your crew and the call time is growing closer. You want to know who has filled out their form and is qualified to come to set, and who, if anyone, needs to stay home. Here's how to do that.

Method : Custom Report Template

This method is best when:

  • you want to keep a record of the crew's responses

  • you will have to check this status every day or multiple times during the day

Once you've created the template, you'll simply choose it from the "Report Preset" menu.

1) From the people tab, click on "Configure" in the top right and then on Report Presets.

2) Click on "Report Presets" and then "Create a Preset"

3) Create your template

  • Choose the title and file type (Excel or CSV) for your template.

  • Select the fields you want to appear on your template

  • You can add whatever fields you like. The list is long because it lists all the available fields across your entire project. For this report to show you specific COVID information, you should select the same questions that appear on your COVID-19 Health Form.

  • It’s also recommended you add things like First name, Last Name, emergency contact info, etc.

  • Unfortunately, you can't search for the fields. You have to scroll and find the ones you're looking for.

  • You can also reorganize the fields so that they appear on the final document in the order you want. You can click, hold, and drag a field name in the right hand column to rearrange them.

  • When you’re finished, click “Save”

Your template is now saved in the "Configure" screen. You can come back here and click on the three dots to edit it any time you need.

4) Select your recipients or groups

You can select individuals from the "All" tab if you only want the report for a few specific people.

If you already have a department you use to send the COVID-19 form, you can select that group and create the report directly from that screen.

Or if you're using a distro group, you can add a filter on the "All" tab to show everyone in that group and select them for the report.

5) Once you create the report, open the file in Excel.

6) Sort the data to display blank cells

  • In the report, select the first row, click "Data", then "Filter"

  • Click on one of the cells that contains a COVID-19 question and sort A to Z (or Z to A, as you prefer)

  • If there are any blank cells underneath the COVID-19 questions, it means that person has not filled out their form.

  • You can save this form as a record of responses from that day.

  • NOTE: Since this form is filled out every day with fresh data, if you need to keep this as a record, you must create this report at the end of every day. If the crew fills out their forms on August 8th and the next day on the 9th, you will only be able to see their responses for August 9th. As a security and privacy measure, It's not possible to go back to a previous date's responses.

Tips for Best Results

  • The COVID-19 questions are programmed to empty as soon as you send a new COVID-19 form. For best results, we recommend you send the form to your crew the night before they need to be on set, then generate a copy of the report in the morning to check who still needs to fill in their form. The gif below shows the process:

Congratulations! Now you know who has and has not filled out their form for the day! 😄

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