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How to send a form to my contacts ? (Form to fill in feature)
How to send a form to my contacts ? (Form to fill in feature)

Everything you need to know about mapping, sending, and downloading finished Forms (using your mapped document)

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One of the ways you can get information from your crew (information that you need to appear in your contracts) is to use the "Form to fill in" feature. Originally designed for Start Forms and Contracts, its function has expanded to include the Daily Health Reporting. In this article we'll discuss how to set it up and use it on your project.

When to use a "Form to fill in"

  • When you want the crew to provide their own information (Start Forms or Contracts)

  • When you need the crew members' personal information, or information that is unique to them

  • When you don't need the crew to approve any information

If you need the crew member to approve information, you may want to use a Deal Memo instead.

Here's how you can start using "Form to fill in" on your project.

1) Send a PDF, Word, or Excel version of the form to SetKeeper so we can map it in our system.

Click here for a detailed technical explanation of how this process works.

2) Select your recipients, click on "Send Paperwork", then select "Form to fill in"

You can select individuals on the "All" tab, or you can select a Department from a List.

You can also start this process on Paperwork module by clicking on Send Paperwork.

3) Review the recipients and click on "Next". Then, from the drop down menu, select the name of the form you'd like your crew to fill out.

You can review the contents of the form to make sure you chose the right one, then click "Next."

4) Write your message

Add a subject and any instructions you have.

5) Review and send the message

If you would like to know more about setting up a Due Date, click here (article coming soon).

If you would like to send the form at a specific time, you can schedule it. Click here to know how. You can see the person's updated Form to fill in status in the Paperwork column on the "All" tab. The icon will turn blue after the request is sent.

6) Confirm that the crew member has completed the form

Once the icon in the Paperwork column has turned green, you'll know the crew member has completed the form.

In the case of a Covid-19 form, the icon being orange means that the crew member has completed the form but that their answers to this form raised an alert. (in case of a COVID health questionnaire)

You can also check this status on the person's profile page by clicking on their name on the "All" tab, then on "Overview" you'll be able to see all the requests sent to your contact.

OR you can also go on Paperwork module to see who has filled in their form:

7) Generate the final version of the form (and print it)

A) From an individual's profile page:

Click on "Generated Document" in the left menu of the person's profile page, click on the green "Generate Documents" , select the document you uploaded to Configure in step 2, and click "Generate". You can choose to download the file immediately or send it to the crew member to sign digitally. You can learn more about sending documents to sign here.

B) From a Department or the "All" tab

You can also generate documents for multiple people at once by selecting a Department and clicking on "Generate Documents", or by selecting and/or searching for people on the "All" tab, then clicking on "Generate Documents".

NOTE: downloaded documents will go straight to your computer, and will not be stored in SetKeeper unless you choose to upload them to Distribution.

You can learn more about generating, downloading and printing forms in this article.

8) Review your completed form

All the information provided by the crew member will automatically be filled in the form:


Congratulations! Now you know how to use the "Form to fill in" feature in SetKeeper! ๐Ÿ’ช

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