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How to send Documents to Sign
How to send Documents to Sign

All about SetKeeper's eSignature feature

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Sending documents for a signature doesn't have to be annoying, and no trees have to die in the process! We'll show you all the ways you can send a Document to Sign to a crew member.

1) Have SetKeeper map the document, then upload your document to "Configure"

You only have to do this once. After the template is in the project, you can proceed directly to step 2.

2) Choose your start point

There are several places you can start the "Document to Sign" process. Here are the three most popular:

Profile Page

Go into your contact's profile page by clicking on their name and then by going into "Signatures" on the left menu

People Module

Start in the People module (1), then select the contact (2) and click on "send paperwork" to send "documents to sign" (3).

Paperwork module

You can click on that module, then on "Send paperwork" and select "Documents to sign".

3) Select your recipients and then the document

It will be the document you uploaded to Configure in step 1.

4) Generate the document, if required

If you haven't already, you will be asked to generate the document before you send it. Simply click on "Generate", then proceed to the next step.

5) Select counter signers, if required

You'll see how many "signer slots" have been mapped to the document in the blue box next to the document's name (in the example below, there are 2 signer slots). Turn on "Set a Signing Order" to ensure the person at the top of the list will receive the document first, followed by the second person on the list.

On most productions, the main countersigner is the line producer, which means he or she will have dozens to hundreds of documents to sign at a time. To help manage that process, we have a Signature Management System.

6) Add a subject and body to the message

7) Send the document

You have the possibility to set up a due date. If you don't want to, click on the blue dot to deactivate the due date. Learn more about setting up a due date HERE.

Then click on "Send or schedule" to send your document(s).

8) Access the signed form

As soon as the form is generated, it will be available on the crew members' profile. Click on Generated Documents, your file will be visible from there

The colored dot next to "preview" indicates the stage of the signing process:

  • Blue - no one has signed this document yet

  • Light Green - some but not all of the parties have signed the document

  • Dark Green - this document has been signed by all parties. You can download the finished document.

9) Download the signed document

Click on the three dots next to Preview, then click "Download Signed Document" Once it's saved to your desktop, you can re-upload it to Distribution, if you prefer.


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Congratulations! Now you know how to send a Document to Sign in SetKeeper! πŸ’ͺ

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