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How to generate, download or print forms
How to generate, download or print forms

How to get all the data you've collected into beautiful, complete documents

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After you send your Deal Memo or Form to Fill In and the crew member has submitted their information, you're now ready to generate the final form! You can generate the form to download right away, or send it to the crew member for digital signing. This article will show you how.

1) If they haven't already, ask your crew member to complete their forms.

On most productions, you will send them a Form to Fill In that will allow them to fill out their start form information (name, address, agent info, banking information, etc). Sometimes you will also send a Deal Memo which allows them to accept the terms of their contract (pay, start and end dates, per diems, etc).

You can learn more about sending Deal Memos and Forms to Fill In by clicking on the links.

2) Select the person or people you want to generate a form for

Method 1 - Individual: You can click on their name, go to their profile page, click on "Generated documents" on the left menu and on the "Generate Documents" button

Method 2 - Multiple: You can click on the boxes next to their name on the "All" tab, then click "Generate Documents"

Method 3 - Multiple: You can select everyone in a Department by going into your list in the tabs on the top, selecting your Department clicking "Generate Documents". That way, you will generate documents for several people at the same time.

3) Confirm your recipients

4) Select your document template

5) Preview the file and make adjustments if needed.

If you need to edit something quickly on the document, click on the arrow in the grey box of the document name, download it, edit using your preferred software, then re-upload it to this page.

PLEASE NOTE: this will only apply the changes on one person's documents. If you notice a change that needs to be made to the contract template itself (such as wording about the production base location), please contact

6) Generate the file

Click on "Generate" in the top right corner.

A box will appear giving you the option to download the file or send it to be signed. Learn more about sending documents to sign here.

7) Access the file

To find a copy of this document, you can click on the person's name to access their Profile page and go into "Generated Documents"

8) Download and print

Click on the three dots next to "PREVIEW".


Congratulations! Now you know how to generate documents! ๐Ÿ’ช

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