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How Set Pass works (how to track Covid at the set)
How Set Pass works (how to track Covid at the set)

Tips and FAQs for using our Set Pass feature

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As part of our ongoing effort to improve our COVID-19 health reporting feature, we introduced the Set Pass to help keep your cast and crew safe. A Set Pass is a QR code which is sent to your crew member once they filled out the Health form. With this QR code, you can check the health of your crew members by scanning it at the entry of your set.

After the crew member fills out their health form, they will automatically receive an email with their color-coded Set Pass.

If the crew member did not raise any alerts (for example, if they did not answer "yes" to any questions about COVID symptoms), they will receive a green Set Pass:

If the crew member did raise an alert, they will receive a red Set Pass:

Ideas for Best Use

There are a variety of ways your production may choose to use this feature:

  • they can open the Set Pass email on their phone and show it to the COVID coordinator before entering the set

  • any project user can scan the QR code from the email to go directly to the crew member's profile page to learn more information about them

  • they can forward the Set Pass email to the COVID coordinator as confirmation that they are ready to work


  1. Can I change the contact person listed in the Set Pass email? Yes, it is possible. You will learn how to do that on this article

  2. . I'm a COVID coordinator and I'd like to receive a copy of these emails as soon as they're sent to a crew member. Can I set that up?

    As a Covid coordinator you can be asked to be added as "supervisor" for the

    COVID form, this way, if there are any alerts, you'll be the one receiving the emails.

  3. Can I change the formatting of the Set Pass message? I want to make the text larger, smaller, a different color, add more spaces, etc. For now, the Set Pass email follows a standard format and customization is not possible.

  4. . Can I change the functionality of the QR code? Not at this time. Scanning the QR code will take you to the user's profile page so you can get more info about their situation. We hope to add different functionalities soon.

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