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How to schedule your COVID forms to automatically send every day
How to schedule your COVID forms to automatically send every day

As the old saying goes, set it and forget it! Here's how to set up your COVID form to go out at the same time every day.

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1) From the Paperwork module, click on Send Paperwork, then Form to fill-in

2) Choose your recipients.

You can select individuals, Distro Groups, Departments, or a combination of all three.

3) From the drop down menu, choose your COVID Form

4) Type a message (don't forget a subject and something in the body of the message)

5) On the Review & Send page, choose "Schedule Recurring Paperwork"

6) Choose your interval, unit and time of day, then click "Schedule this Recurring Paperwork"

The Unit can be a day, week, or month; with "week" as the unit, you can select on which days of the week your Paperwork should be sent.

The sentence under the time will summarize your choices so you can double check the rules are correct.

Then click "Schedule"

7) From the Paperwork main page, click on "Scheduled" to see all your scheduled Paperwork requests.

8) From here, you can review or undo the scheduled message.

If you hover over the blue text under "Scheduled Date", you can see a summary of the rules.

Please note that if you click "Undo Scheduling", the message will be moved to the Draft tab. You can go there to select the message and set new rules.

There you have it! Now you have everything you need to schedule your Paperwork Requests! ๐Ÿ’ช

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