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How can I see a history of COVID health forms and their answers?
How can I see a history of COVID health forms and their answers?

Learn how to check the crew member's answers to a form and export them!

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Do you need to see the answers of a specific crew member's Health form?

Here is what you can do.

1) Go on People module and click on the name of the crew member whose answers you want to see.

2) On their profile page, click on "Forms"

You will be able to see all the different forms the crew member filled in. Scroll until you find the Health form (or any other form) you are interested in.

3) Click on HISTORY to see the different versions of the form the crew member filled in.

You can use the "Filter" to find the version of the form more easily. Here, you can check the answers.

4) Export the results you want : Click on EXPORT

The answers will appear in an excel file like the following:

Did your form contain attachments fields? To download the files attached, you need to go back to the crew member's profile page and their form, click on the three dots at the right and then on "Download attachments".


Now you can check every answer you need and also export them ! πŸ˜€

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