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How to track the status of your Forms in SetKeeper
How to track the status of your Forms in SetKeeper

Want to see who has filled the Forms on your project? Read on!

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Has everyone submitted their kit list?

Did everyone tell me their dietary restrictions?

How many people have not finished filling in their Start Form?

You can easily answer these questions by exploring the Forms tab in Paperwork! This article will guide you through the parts.

NOTE: To learn how to send a form, please see this article. If you're sending a COVID form, you can read this article.

Go to Paperwork > Forms

Please note: if you've never sent a form from your project, this page may generate an error message. Don't worry! Once you send a form, this page will be visible.

Hover over any of the bars to see the number of forms in that category

  • Green - complete; everything has been filled out

  • Blue - in process; it was sent to the crew member but hasn't been finished yet

  • Orange can mean three things:

    • Sending Error

    • Alert Raised

    • Paperwork overdue

Click anywhere in the box of a Form to expand the details

Recipients Section

Filter by status: use this to filter everyone by their status and quickly see who has raised an alert (for COVID forms), who has completed their paperwork, etc. You can choose multiple filters at a time.

Send a reminder: clicking the blue "Send a Reminder" at the top of the list will instantly send a reminder email to everyone on the distribution who has not completed their paperwork. If you prefer, you can click the three dots next to someone's name and choose "send a reminder" to send just that person a reminder message.

Call a crew member to remind them: If you're on mobile (or have a phone application installed on your desktop), you can choose "Call" and call the number listed for the crew member on their profile page.

โš ๏ธ When the due date occurs, no reminders are sent automatically. You will have to manually send them to the crew members (using the method below).

Forms Section

Completion Status - any fields listed in green have been completed by everyone. Red fields indicate information is still missing. If you hover over "# missing", a list of people who have not provided this information will appear.

Forms Status FAQs

  1. Can I edit or add text the reminder message?

    1. No - once you click "send reminder," it's sent instantly to the crew member.

  2. Can I export the list of people who still need to fill in their form?

    1. Not right now. If you wanted a list of those people so you could send them a message, try sending them an automatic reminder instead! If you needed a list to share with other parts of your team, you can take a screenshot of the list and share it with others that way.

Congratulations! Now you know how to navigate the Forms tab! ๐Ÿ’ช

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