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Why (and how) you should add Organization Manager to your project
Why (and how) you should add Organization Manager to your project

Protect your data and prevent emergencies.

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In order to protect your data, we ask that you identify an Organization Manager for your SetKeeper project.

This contact will be the overall manager for your SetKeeper Organization, with Administrator access rights.

Your SetKeeper Organization Manager will most likely be a member of the production staff from either the production company or studio.

You must add an Organization Manager to your project to ensure access to the data of the project, even after your project is finished filming and your SetKeeper subscription ends.

Reasons why an Organization Manager is essential for your project:

  • prevents unauthorized access to your project

  • ensures there is a point of contact for any questions about access to data after the project has wrapped

  • will be able to add or remove admins from the project in the event of staffing changes

How to add an Organization Manager to your project: The easiest way to do this is to add them as an administrator on your project (you can read how to do that here) and send an email letting us know the name and email address of your designated Organization Manager.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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