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Introducing Crew Personal Space!
Introducing Crew Personal Space!

Our new security features allow crew members to access all their past files and onboarding documents in their own Personal Space.

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Tired of your crew members missing messages, files, or not filling their paperwork?

We've created something new to solve that problem! Now each crew member can create their own SetKeeper space to retrieve all the messages, files, and paperwork you send them - on this project and any project in the future!

How does it work?


When sending your files to your crew member, make sure to send it as a "Password Protected Link" this will ensure that your file will be put into your crew member's personal space. In case they don't have one, they will be prompted to create one.

Sending a document as a Password Protected Link


All paperwork requests are automatically added to the crew personal space as soon as you send them out. No special steps required!

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