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Crew Personal Space FAQs

Everything you might have wondered about CPS.

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I'm using a show-specific email that I will not have access to once the show is over. Can I use my personal email to sign up for my crew personal space?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to sign up for crew personal space with a different email than the one you were invited on.

For example, if you were invited with, and you used that Movie One and Movie Two, you could access the files sent from both production offices.

However, if you used for Movie One but had an email like for Movie Two, you would have to create two Crew Personal Spaces to access the files and Password Protected Links from each project.

There are a few workarounds for this:

Solution 1: make a crew personal space for both emails. That way you can access the files you were sent to you on both emails. However, if you lose access to the temporary account, and you ever forget your personal space password for that email, you'd lose access to that personal space!

Solution 2: You can download all the necessary files from your temporary project email and keep them on your computer and only create a crew personal space for your personal email.

Can I add files or personal information to my Crew Personal Space?

At this time, Crew Personal Space is a way for you to access files and paperwork sent to you. We hope to expand the functionality in the future and we'd love to hear your ideas! Send us an email at

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