We're proud of SetKeeper's intuitive design and easy-to-use features, but life happens - you forget your password, a document won't upload, or you need urgent help RIGHT NOW.

Here's how you can access help whenever you need it, wherever you are.

We recommend that you look for help in the order below: look for an article in the help center, then try a chat message, then email, and a phone call as the last resort!


Accessing the Help Center

Our library of help articles can help you answer some of the most common questions about using SetKeeper. We recommend you start here when you begin your project but also if you want to remember how to complete a certain task on SetKeeper.

Option One: go to help.setkeeper.com

Easy, simple, and to the point! All our help articles are here.

Option Two: Access the help center through the app

When you're logged in to SetKeeper, you can click on the question mark icon in the left hand navigation column, then click Help Center. You'll be taken to the same page indicated above.

Option Three: Search for articles from our chat box

This option is good if you already know what you want to search for. Click on the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner, then click in the "Search for Help" box.

You'll see all the categories and articles in our help center. You can type a keyword in the search bar, or click through the categories to find the topic you need.

To read an article, just click on the title.

Contacting Support


The chat feature is the best way to get in touch with support - whoever is online at the time will be able to respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

Just click on the orange bubble in the bottom right corner of any SetKeeper web page, then click on "Send us a message". You can even talk with chat if you're not logged into your account - handy if you've forgotten your password!


Our dedicated support email is support@setkeeper.com. We'll read it and reply to your questions as quickly as possible!

Who should I contact about...?

Business matter? Contact your business development representative about:

  • Pricing

  • quote information

  • billing information

  • contract start and end dates

  • contract extensions

  • scheduling a demo (you have not purchased the product yet and you want to see how it works)

Product questions? Please contact support@setkeeper.com regarding:

  • How to reset your password

  • why won't my file upload?

  • I want to schedule a training (you're in a trial period or contract with SetKeeper and would like to show new users how the system works

  • bugs and errors

Happy Filming! 📽️

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