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How to use the Signature Management system on SetKeeper
How to use the Signature Management system on SetKeeper

All your questions about signature management - answered!

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On many crew onboarding documents (start forms, deal memos, etc), there's a space for the line producer or other production official to sign.

The Signature Management system within the Crew Personal Space on SetKeeper allows you to see all your outstanding signature requests and sign them without having to dig through your own inbox.


How to Use the Signature Management System

1) Login to your Crew Personal Space

Go to and click "Login" in the top right corner of the page.

If you are a project user/admin on the current project, see this article on accessing your crew personal space.

If you are a crew member on the project (in other words, you do not currently have a SetKeeper login), please see this article on accessing your crew personal space.

2) Click "Go to my personal space", then choose your current production

If you've used SetKeeper more than once, you may see multiple projects listed on this page. Choose the one you're currently working on.

3) Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see "Your signatures"

Status Bubbles:

  • Blue - waiting for your signature; you need to sign the document

  • Light Green - you have signed this document, but other people need to add their signature

  • Dark Green - this document has been signed by all parties. You can download the finished document.

4) Click on any of the requests to begin the signing process or download the finished document.

Click "review and sign" to complete the process.


Is it possible to batch sign all outstanding requests at once? In other words, can I sign all the documents I need to sign at one time?

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available. You'll still have to click on each request and sign the documents individually.

Do I have to be a project user to access the signature management system? Does my line producer need to be a user to sign these documents?

No, it's not necessary for the countersigner to be a project user. As long as the countersigner is a contact on the project, it's possible to send them signature requests and for them to access the Crew Personal Space to see all the outstanding requests.

However, it's still entirely possible for a project user to access their crew personal space to sign documents.

We hope this update helps makes your workflow easier and less stressful! Please reach out to if you have any further questions.

Happy Filming! ๐ŸŽž๏ธ

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