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"Spam reporting address"? How to solve the issue
"Spam reporting address"? How to solve the issue

Here are the steps you can take if you receive this common delivery error.

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Why you received this error

This delivery error occurs when an individual marks a SetKeeper email as spam from their email inbox. They may do this on purpose because they're not familiar with SetKeeper and think it's spam, or they may do it accidentally. It becomes inconvenient when you send vital information about the production from SetKeeper and they don't receive it.

Here are some tips you can implement to prevent this from happening:

Google (Gmail, Google mail)

  • If they have at least one email from SetKeeper in their Inbox or Spam box, they can unmark it as spam.

  • If Setkeeper emails are going to the Promotions or Social folder, they can follow these steps.

  • You can also suggest that they set up a filter so that any emails that contain "SetKeeper" are delivered to their inbox.

Apple (including iCloud)

Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook)


Company Specific Domains

If the error comes from an email related to a specific company's email (such as the user should contact that company's IT support for information on how to unmark a message as spam.

However, if you use Outlook, Gmail, etc to access your company email, you should follow the directions for that platform to resolve the issue.

Still no luck?

If your crew members try these tips and they are still having trouble getting SetKeeper emails delivered, please try these steps:

  • Read this article about how to write a subject line that is less likely to be identified as spam

  • Contact for further help with the exact email address experiencing the issues so we can check the delivery status.

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