#1 Go to Production Files

#2 Select the files you wish to watermark & distribute then click on share

#3 Select how you would like your files to be sent

  • Attachment : Your file will be sent as an attachment 
  • Personal link : Recipients will have to click on a link to see the file
  • Closed loop : Recipients require a User account on SetKeeper to be able to see the file 

#4 Add your recipients


#5 Attach other files from your computer or your SetKeeper project

#6 Write a subject and the body of your message (you can use our [First name] & [Last name] feature to make the message friendlier)

#7 If you want to customise the Watermark: Click on Security

  •  Watermark Color & transparency
  •  Custom watermark
  • PDF Download Prevention (only for personal link and closed-loop sending types)

#8 Click on Preview

  • Here you can double-check the content of your message

#9 Click on SEND 

  • You can choose to receive a summary of the email's delivery

#10 Check out the Analytics' page of your message!

  • Content of your message
  • Status of your message: you can see if your message has been sent, delivered, opened
  • List of recipients: you can see to whom you sent your message and if they received the message

And there you go! You've sent out watermarked files to your crew 👍

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