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Getting contract's terms approved by the crew member
Getting contract's terms approved by the crew member

Everything you need to know about uploading, sending, and downloading finished Deal Memos (guide to use the "Offer" feature)

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One of the ways you can get information from your crew is to use the "Offer" feature. Originally designed for Deal Memos, it can be used to map any type of form that the production fills in and is later approved by the crew member. In this article we'll discuss how to set it up and use it on your project.

When to use an Offer

  • When the production office wants to fill in the fields and send the fields to the crew member for approval

  • When you want more control over the contents of the final form

If you need the crew member to provide personal information, you may want to use a Form to fill in instead.

Here's how you can start using Offers on your project:

1) Send a PDF, Word, or Excel version of the form to SetKeeper so we can map it in our system.

Click here for a detailed technical explanation of how this process works.

2) Select your recipients, click on "Send Paperwork", then select "Offer"

You can select individuals on the "All" tab, or you can select a Department from a List.

3) After reviewing the recipients, click Next. Then, from the drop down menu, select the name of the form you'd like your crew to fill out.

You can review the recipients and then the contents of the form to make sure you chose the right one, then click "Next."

4) Fill the fields with the correct information

You only have to fill required fields that are marked with a red asterisk. If you leave a field blank, it will not appear in the message for the crew member to approve.

5) Write your message

Add a subject and any instructions you have.

6) Review and send (or schedule) the message

If you want to send this document to approve at a later time, you can schedule it. Click here to learn how.

You can also choose to set up a due date or deactivate it. Click here to learn more. You can see the person's updated offer status in the Paperwork column on the "All" tab. The icon will turn blue after the request is sent.

7) Confirm that the crew member has completed the form

Once the icon in the Paperwork column has turned green, you'll know the crew member has approved or rejected all the fields.

You can also check this status on the person's profile page by clicking on their name on the "All" tab, then selecting "Overview" and clicking on the name of the message you sent.

8) Generate the final version of the form

You can learn more about generating, dowloading and printing forms in this article.

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Congratulations! Now you know how to use the Offer feature in SetKeeper! ๐Ÿ’ช

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