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Finish your onboarding on time! How to set and track Paperwork due dates
Finish your onboarding on time! How to set and track Paperwork due dates

Set a deadline and achieve more peace of mind with the Paperwork due date feature.

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Wish you could tell people when they need to finish their Paperwork?

Has accounting given you a deadline for getting all the Start Forms completed?

Use the Due Date feature to set deadlines for paperwork and (hopefully!) get your crew to complete their paperwork on time!

1) From the Review & Send page of your Paperwork request, go to the "Due Date" section of the page.

2) Choose your day or hour range for the due date.

The Due Date option will automatically be turned on and set to 3 days from the sending date.

The date and time will change in the blue box above the Days and Hours spaces. If you have a specific date and time you want the paperwork to be due, adjust the hours/days until the date appears in the blue box.

The lowest possible due date is 3 hours after the time you send the paperwork request.

3) If you don't want to add a due date, click on the blue toggle to turn it grey.

4) After you send your form, you can track the deadline on the Sent page.

Please note that tracking is only available on the "Sent" page. Scheduled and draft requests will not display the due date.

  • Green - the request was completed and there are no outstanding requests

  • Blue - the request was sent and is in the process of being completed. A negative number indicates that there are # days until the due date (counting down). So -5 means the paperwork is due in five days.

  • Orange - the request is overdue. A positive number means it has been # days since the dude date (counting up). So +5 days means the request was due five days ago.

5) The crew member will receive an email that includes the paperwork due date

Due Date FAQs

  1. Can you set a due date for a recurring paperwork request or a scheduled request?

    1. Yes! However, you won't be able to see what the due date is until after the message sends at the scheduled time. This is because the due date is relative to the time the message is actually sent out.

  2. Can I set a due date for a regular message sent from Distribution?

    1. Not at this time, but you can still schedule a message to send in the future, or a schedule a repeating message.

Congratulations! Now you know how to set and track due dates for Paperwork requests! ๐Ÿ’ช

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