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How to schedule a summary email for COVID-19 alerts
How to schedule a summary email for COVID-19 alerts

Everything you need to know about the "Schedule a Summary Email" feature

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Just before you send your COVID-19 Health Declaration Form (after following the steps in this article), you'll be able to "Schedule a Summary Email." This is a vital step when using the COVID-19 Health Declaration feature. The summary email sends information directly to your inbox about who still needs to fill in the form and if anyone has triggered an alert.

This article will explain how to do it and give tips for best practices.

1) Click on the toggle to start the process

A new menu will appear:

2) Select your recipients for the summary emails

You can choose individuals one by one, or select a Department. If you'll send this form daily, it would be easier to create a Department that includes all the people who need this information, rather than typing their names each time.

NOTE: This is different from the recipients of the form, but you add the same person in both places. For example, if you have a Line Producer who will be on set, you can include the Line Producer as a recipient of the form (so they fill out their COVID declaration), as well as a recipient of the Summary email (so they can see the status of the crew).

3) Select your delivery time

  • The time you receive your summary depends on the time you sent your form. So if you send this form at 10:30 and you choose "1 hour after sending", you will receive the summary email at 11:30.

  • You can use the "After a Specific Duration" option to set the Summary Email to arrive at any time you want - 5 minutes later, 5 hours, or 5 days later.

  • You can schedule multiple summary emails. For example, if you send the form at 5pm, you could schedule your summaries for 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours later. Just click on the "After a Specific Duration" button again to add an additional Summary Email.

4) Click "Send"

The second box will ask you about saving the process as a Workflow. You can learn more about that here (article coming soon).

5) Check your summary email

Here's an example summary email. Anyone who triggered an alert will be listed under the red banner, and anyone who still needs to fill in their form will be under the light blue banner.

Example Process

  1. You send the form at 5pm after wrapping for the day and schedule your summary emails for 8pm and 10pm.

  2. When you receive the 8pm summary, you noticed that 15 people still haven't filled in the form. You send a new message to those 15 people to remind them to fill in their form.

  3. When you receive the 10pm summary, you see that everyone has filled in their form and someone has triggered an alert. You can then take steps to isolate that individual and take other necessary precautions.

Summary Email FAQs

  1. Can I schedule the message itself to be sent at a certain time? Yes, you can schedule send a message. Find out more here

  2. Can I receive an email as soon as someone triggers an alert? Yes! As soon as someone triggers an alert, the person who sent the form will automatically receive an alert email. This email can then be forwarded to HODs, producers, etc as needed.

  3. Can I create a custom preset button for when they should receive the summary? Not at this time. If you need to select a specific time, you can choose "At a Specific Time".

If you have any more questions about the COVID-19 Health Declaration Form, you can explore our articles here.


Congratulations! Now you know how to use the Summary Email feature! πŸ’ͺ

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