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Help! Can I unsend a message? Can I retrieve something I deleted?
Help! Can I unsend a message? Can I retrieve something I deleted?

Did you delete or send something by mistake? Here is what information you can retrieve or not on SetKeeper

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Sometimes, we delete or send something by mistake - it's part of life.

Here's what you need to know about what can and cannot be retrieved in SetKeeper:

1) People, Lists or Groups

If you delete a contact, List, or Group, you will have to recreate them. Here is an article on how to create these groups.

2) Emails

Unfortunately, emails (that is, any message sent from Distribution or Paperwork) cannot be retrieved.

However, if you sent the message as a Personal Link (see this article for more info), you can revoke access to that message. If you send a message with a document linked by error, you can revoke file access to this document from the Messages page. The link will no longer work and keep your document secure.

3) Files

You can't retrieve documents you deleted on SetKeeper. You'll have to re-upload it from your computer.

Moreover, for security purposes, the SetKeeper team cannot have access to your files on your platform.


Now you know if what you delete can be recalled! πŸ”Ž

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