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What are the different options for sending documents from Distribution?
What are the different options for sending documents from Distribution?

Here we'll define each format option for sending files to your crew

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Attachment is the least secure, a Personal Link has medium security, and Password Protected Link is (as the name implies) the most secure sending option.

You can choose the attachment type based on your security needs. Please see the "Advanced Security for Studios" article to learn more about restricting certain sending types from your project.

Scroll to the bottom of this article for FAQs and quick answers to common questions to these features.

1) Attach documents.

The "attach documents" type will let you attach files to your message just like a regular email.

2) Personal Link

A personal link requires your recipients to click on a link embedded in the email to access the files. The recipient will receive a message like this (if you are using the Branded Email format in SetKeeper):

And be directed to this page, where they can click on and download the attachment.

You also have the possibility to set an expiration date to the link to make sure nobody can access the file past a certain date. Click on "advanced security" in the lower right corner of the Personal Link box.

This is a good option to choose if you're sending very sensitive documents. If you send a personal link message in error, you can revoke file access from the Messages page. The link will no longer work and keep your document secure.

3) Password Protected Link

Our old Closed Loop feature has transformed into the Password Protected Link option!

This is our most secure distribution option. Even if you accidentally send a message to the wrong distro list, email address, or person, your files will remain secure behind a login screen.

If you chose this option, any recipient who does not already have a SetKeeper account will be asked to create a password. They can reuse that password to access more documents sent to them in the future. Please see these articles for more information:

You can also set an expiration date for accessing the file just like you would for a Personal Link.


Can you recall or unsend messages sent from SetKeeper?

Unforunately, it is not possible to unsend or recall messages from SetKeeper. That's why we urge you to use the strongest possible document sending type that make sense for your production.

What happened to Closed Loop?

🔍 Looking for the Closed Loop option? We've retired that feature and transformed it into Password Protected Link (see above!)

Does someone have to be a SetKeeper user on the project in order to receive a Password Protected Link?

No, the person does not have to be a SetKeeper user. They will be prompted to create a password the first time they open a Password Protected link. From then on, they can use the same password to access files sent in the future.

Why can't I see the sending options on my preview page?

If you don't see the three Documents Security options on the preview page, it's likely you forgot to attach your documents. These features are not available if you are sending a message without any attachments.


Now you know everything about the different formats for sending documents! 🤗

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