You can choose the attachment type based on your security needs. Attachment is least secure, and closed loop is most secure.

1) Attachment 

The attachment type will let you attach files to your message just like a regular email.

A personal link requires your recipients to click on a link embedded in the email to access the files. The recipient will receive a message like this (if you are using the Branded Email format in SetKeeper):

And be directed to this page, where they can click on and download the attachment.

You also have the possibility to set an expiration date to the link to make sure nobody can access the file past a certain date. 

This is a good option to choose if you're sending very sensitive documents. If you send a personal link message in error, you can revoke file access from the Messages page. The link will no longer work and keep your document secure.

3) Closed Loop (SetKeeper account required) 

Files sent through Closed Loop require the recipients to have a SetKeeper account in order to access those documents. This is the most secure method of sending files from SetKeeper.

When clicking on the "See Attached Documents" button in the email, the recipient will be redirected to the SetKeeper login page to be able to see the files:

Final Tips

  • You cannot unsend or recall messages sent from SetKeeper.

  • If you are sending very sensitive documents (such as scripts or cast lists), we recommend you send the message as a Personal Link. If you realize you've sent the message to the wrong person, you can revoke access to the link or delete the message and they will no longer have access to the file.


Now you know everything about the different formats for sending documents! 🤗

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