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How do I create a Strip Board?
How do I create a Strip Board?

Here's you'll find how to create a Strip Board on SetKeeper

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Note: In order for the Strip Board to be created correctly, please import your script beforehand. Learn how to import your script here.

1) Open the "Production Documents" tab on your left-side menu

2) Create your first Strip Board

  • Click on New Strip Board

  • Select "Generate from Script" (go to 3)a.)

  • Select "Generate an empty Strip Board" (go to 3)b.)

3) a. You've selected "Generate from Script"

  • Add a name for your Strip Board

  • Select a start date - your strip board will begin from this date

  • Select if you're planning to work on weekends and if you would like to include holidays

  • Add the number of pages you'd like to shoot each day or let SetKeeper decide for you

  • Add Call Times, lunch breaks, company move, etc. according to your needs

  • Click on "Next", check your Strip Board's summary, then click on "Create"

3) b. You've selected "Create an empty Strip Board"

  • Click on "Add" > "New Shoot Day" and select the date

  • Click on "Add" and select a strip (here we added a scene and a Crew Call)

You've now created your first Strip Board on SetKeeper, you can create your Call Sheet πŸŽ‰

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