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Learn the basics about our Distribution module

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Can I recall or unsend messages sent from SetKeeper?

The short answer is no, but the complex answer is sort of, but only if you sent the messages as a Personal Link. You can learn more about our sending options here.

Why do emails from SetKeeper come from a weird email address? Can I change how the email looks?

For the moment, this is a feature of SetKeeper that can't be changed. While we're hoping to change it in the future, for now you can assure your cast and crew that the strange looking email is a normal part of the SetKeeper process.

How do I change the transparency of the watermark? It’s too strong/too light/too pink.

  • If you are watermarking and downloading a file, see step 2 of this article to adjust the watermark.

  • If you are watermarking and sending your file, see step 4.5 of this article.

  • If you want to go back to the original watermark color and strength, you can use the HEX code #6360608F.

How to send a document without watermark?

When you are selecting the documents as attachments, you can click on the icon next to "View file" to deactivate (grey icon) or activate (green icon) the watermark.

What’s the difference between a Classic and Branded email?

You can learn more about Classic vs. Branded emails here.

Why is my file double watermarked?

This happens if you accidentally choose a file that was watermarked, downloaded and re-uploaded to Distribution. You can avoid confusion by previewing the PDF in Distribution before you select it to send, or adding "WM" or "Watermarked" to the file name.

Can I import a folder and its contents into SetKeeper?

You cannot import an entire folder into Distribution in SetKeeper. You can open the folder, select all the files in the folder, and upload each file into a folder created in Distribution on your project.

Can I download an archive of my entire project?

Yes! Click here to learn how.

Why isn’t the drag and drop feature working?!!

You may be dragging it into a space outside the import area. Make sure you wait until the area turns grey before you release the document; otherwise, it will just open the document in the browser instead.

What's the difference between a distro group and a department?

You can read about these differences here.

How can I restrict access to a folder in Distribution?

Click here to learn about adjusting access rights for individual folders in Distribution.

How do I delete a distro group ?

Go to Distribution > Group > click on the three dots at the right of the group you want to delete > click on delete.

How do I delete a list?

Put your mouse cursor at the right of the name of the list you want to remove, click on the three dots > select "remove".

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