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What's the difference between the Summary Email, an Alert Email, and the Set Pass email?
What's the difference between the Summary Email, an Alert Email, and the Set Pass email?

Everything you need to know about these important messages.

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Here's a chart to summarize everything:

Set Pass Email

The Set Pass email (you can read more about it here) is sent immediately to the Crew Member once they have finished filling out their COVID form. It's not possible to change the recipients - in other words, it's not possible to configure it for the Production team to get a copy of the Set Pass email, too. However, the Set Pass emails could be forwarded by the crew member to the production if the production thinks it would be helpful to have copies.

Alert Email

The Alert email is sent immediately to the person who sent the form from SetKeeper as soon as a crew member triggers an alert on one of the questions. For example, if Jill Exampleson logs into SetKeeper and sends the form to the crew, she will receive all of the Alert emails. If Harrison Testman sends out the COVID form, he will receive all the Alert emails. It's not currently possible to change this configuration (for example, if Harrison sends out the form, Jill would get the Alert emails).

Summary Email

The Summary Email is an email sent at a time you decide and is not automatically sent - it must be configured when you send the form out (you can read how to do that here). This Summary Email contains a list of all the Alerts triggered so far, as well as a list of anyone who has not yet filled out the form. You can send it to whoever you like on the project.

An Example Scenario

  • Harrison sends the COVID form at 7am to 100 recipients and schedules the Summary Email for 3 hours later. He adds himself, Jill and the HODs as recipients to that Summary Email.

  • At 11am, Harrison, Jill and the HODs all receive the summary email. They can see that 25 people have NOT filled out their form, and 5 people triggered an alert. Because Harrison sent out the form, he already received 5 separate Alert emails when each of those 5 crew members triggered a question.


Now you're an expert on these three emails and can manage your production's COVID reporting with ease! ๐Ÿ’ช

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