As our gift to you, we've released two exciting new features for the end of the year:

Email Inbox

If you're a SetKeeper veteran, you're already familiar with our distribution features. But now we've upped the efficiency and introduced an inbox for your project!

  • receive replies related to the messages you sent from SetKeeper...directly within SetKeeper!

  • reduce the clutter in a shared email inbox - all your outgoing and incoming messages are accessible to users on your project

  • global and micro views - it's possible to see all messages and replies from the inbox, or you can go to a crew member's profile page to see a record of sent and received messages.

Learn more about the email inbox here.

Signature Management

Gone are the days of inboxes full of signature requests but no way to determine which have been signed and which are still outstanding.

We've added a section to the Crew Personal Space where you can review and sign all the outstanding signature requests you've received!

Learn more about the new Signature Management feature here.

Improved Phone Number Import Function

It's now much easier to batch import phone numbers into your SetKeeper project - depending on the settings of your project, SetKeeper will suggest adding the appropriate country code automatically to all your phone numbers.

Learn more about importing phone numbers here.

We hope you enjoy using these new features! As always, please contact or use the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner if you have any questions, concerns, comments or complaints.

Happy Filming! 📽️

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